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The purchase of debt portfolios

The process of cession

Cession or purchase of debts means that the right to claim is transferred from one creditor to another for remuneration.

The recovery of debts can be lengthy and complicated. DOCKWELL IMPEX INC purchases the portfolios of debtors by cession, thus reducing possible losses of creditors and ensuring immediate recovery of cession fee.

the balance sheet of the company is exempted from frozen assets;

provides an immediate cash acquisition;

The benefits of cession


  • The creditor prepares and sends a cession portfolio (at least 50 debtors) for assessment, providing information regarding the debtors and their debt commitments;
  • DOCKWELL IMPEX INC offers the purchase fee of the cession portfolio to its clients after an analysis of the information in the debtor portfolio.
  • DOCKWELL IMPEX INC is transferred all supporting documents of the debt commitment if an agreement on the amount of the cession fee is made and a cession agreement is entered into.
  • DOCKWELL IMPEX INC transfers the cession fee to the creditor within 10 days from the date the agreement entered into force.

allows avoiding the lengthy and complicated process of debt recovery;

reduces potential losses, allowing efficient use of the recovered money in business.