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Extrajudicial recovery of debts and monitoring or encashment

 The experience in debt recovery of DOCWELL IMPEX INC shows that up to 85% of debts can be recovered by extra-judicial proceedings.

telephone communication with the debtor, notification about late payments and possible consequences in case of debt default;

development of payment schedule, taking into account the interests of the creditor and the resources of the debtor;


payment control, monitoring of the agreement implementation is carried out after an agreement with the debtor on the full payment of the debt or debt payment terms.

data registration of the debtor in the debt history database of DOCKWELL IMPLEX INC


All the offered services are provided according to the Law on Extrajudicial Recovery of Debt and Personal Data Protection Law, and the internal code of ethics of DOCKWELL IMPEX INC.

searching for contact information, if the debtor’s contact information is not available or is incorrect, a search for the current information is started immediately and is not stopped throughout the processing period of the case;

Our professional and knowledgeable debt recovery specialists ensure quick recovery of debts, at the same time ensuring responsive attitude to the debtor and providing a sustainable relationship between the creditor and debtor.

The policy of SIA Gelvora states that the company assigning the debtors for processing pays only for the achieved results. The fee for the service is calculated from the recovered debt amount. A specific amount of remuneration (as a percentage) depends on the duration and amount of the debt and the number of cases assigned for processing.

The client is informed if the debtor refuses from the fulfilment of debt commitments and any cooperation, and further debt recovery actions are recommended, providing the following options:

  1. Judicial recovery of debt;
  2. Initiation of insolvency proceedings of the debtor;
  3. Selling the debt;
  4. Other appropriate actions.



Payment for extrajudicial debt recovery services

  1. A cooperation agreement is signed;
  2. The client prepares and sends a debt recovery application in electronic format;
  3. The debtors indicated in the application are entered into the debt processing system not later than within one working day;
  4. Within one working day after the debtors have been entered into the system, the debt recovery process is initiated and includes the following:

sending warning letters;

In case it is impossible to recover the debt using extrajudicial methods, Gelvora Ltd offers clients professional legal services for debt recovery through court.
Debt recovery through the court includes the following services:

  • legal consultations on choosing the most appropriate legal proceedings;
  • preparation of necessary documents;
  • handling the claim in court to start litigation process;
  • representing creditor at court;
  • preparation of documents for sworn court executor;
  • forced execution of court ruling;
  • controlling the work of sworn court executors.

Recovery of debt in court