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  • it is one of the largest debt history databases in Latvia;

  • the system is easy to use;

  • the information is available online;

  • the data is updated every weekday;

  • it contributes to the fulfilment of debt commitments.

The utilisation of the database  is a paid service and the credit information is available upon entering into an agreement with DOCKWELL IMPEX INC. Learn more about this service or entering into an agreement by calling +371 6789 5910 or writing to

The check-up of credit history is an essential prerequisite for preventing financial risks; therefore, DOCKWELL IMPEX INC enables its clients to evaluate the solvency of the potential cooperation partners in a convenient debt history database with information about the debt commitments of natural and legal persons.

In terms of the amount of data, DOCKWELL IMPEX INC database is one of the largest debt history databases in the European market; therefore, it is used by many leading companies in Europe, which include both banking and non-banking creditors, providers of telecommunication services and companies of other sectors.


The advantages of the database


Database of Debtors