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Recover your debts


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Debtors obligations solved

Judicial recovery of debts

If a debtor refuses from the fulfilment of debt and cooperation we offer judicial recovery.

Extrajudicial recovery

Our experience shows that debt recovery is three times better than court proceedings.

Providing credit information

A convenient debt history database containing information on debt of natural and legal persons.

Dockwell impex inc.

traditions and long-term experience in the financial and credit management market have made the company one of the industry leaders in Europe.

DOCKWELL IMPEX INC is one of the leading companies of extrajudicial recovery of debts and one of the most active implementers of cession transactions in the European market. Active conclusion of cession transactions indicates the quality of company’s services, since it reflects the company’s confidence in the professionalism of employees and the ability to recover debts.


Wordlwide customers

Purchase by cession

We purchase debtors portfolio by cession, thus reducing potential losses.

Our professional staff includes four MBAs, a certified financial analysists, and a customer retention experts.